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  • RATING MH BUILDERS:     The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes   Provides at-a-glance listings with key information home shoppers need to make an informed decision. This is the essential buyer’s resource, includes every builder in the U.S., their histories, products, price ranges, construction ratings, need-to-know information and much more. This guide will serve you well as a stand-alone reference for up-to-date information on the companies and the products they build. Plus!, an annotated construction rating chart with 56 criteria you can use to evaluate any home before you buy. Evaluations for All 79 U.S. builders including: Company background/history States where sold Retail price range including transportation & set-up Construction rating on a 1-to-10 scale. What distinguishes brand from its competition Availability of in-house financing and in-house insurance Warranty structure and length ... AND MUCH MORE
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  • BOOK:     "The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes and Land   by John Grissim
    How to find a reputable dealer and negotiate a fair price on the best kept secret in American Housing. In addition to providing home buyers with everything they need to know to shop defensively and negotiate with confidence, this 240-page book (66 illustrations) contains the highly respected rating of the 25 largest producers of manufactured homes, collectively representing more than 90 percent of all manufactured homes built each year. This is the comprehensive resource guide that explains just how the manufactured home industry operates, how to find a dealer worthy of your trust, how to make the right home selection, and, as important, how to be informed and empowered,. This buyer’s guide is that resource—and it could save you thousands of dollars.

    Exhaustively researched, and with extensive input from both industry insiders and consumer advocates, this guide contains much information that retailers, even the good guys, don’t want you to know. Whether you are in the market for an affordable first home or a vacation getaway, or a larger residence, or you’re thinking about moving to a land-lease community, this guide gives you all the information and tools you will need to successfully find and purchase the home of your dreams.

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  • CONSIDERING A MODULAR HOME ?:     The Modular Home   by Andy Gianino   The essential guide to buying, building, financing and installing your modular home. There are no consumer magazines offering comparisons and recommendations on modular home companies. Unless you know several people who have already built prefab houses and can offer advice on specific modular home companies, it may be hard to take the first step. This book is the answer!
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  • VIDEO       5 Part Site Preparation & Home Installation Video Series
    We are proud to offer the most effective way ever to learn about the step by step process involved in properly installing a manufactured home; A new five-part video series with George Porter, the industry's most respected installation specialist. After viewing all five videos you will have what it takes to tackle your site preparation with confidence and peace of mind. Even if you're not planning on doing the work yourself, this information will help you understand the entire process. This will give you an edge when choosing sub-contractors and help you make sure the site preparation is done properly.

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  • E-BOOK       Creative Financing Secrets - E-Book Version
    Things Your Mortgage Company Or Bank Either Don’t Know – OR WON’T TELL YOU! This books author, David Leach. has been a real estate investor, mortgage consultant and creative financing expert since the late 1980s. During this time, he helped secure financing for real estate that has ranged in value from $45,000, all the way to the millions of dollars. Mr Leach thoroughly enjoyed being a part of making the dream of home ownership a reality for literally hundreds of customers. Some of his experiences have truly made a difference in the lives of the people he helped.

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  • BOOK:     "The Manual for Manufactured Home Repair & Upgrade "   by Mark Bowers,
    If your looking for a book that covers all facets of manufactured home repair, you've found it!   Written by one of the best known hands on men in the manufactured housing industry, this book will answer almost every question on manufactured home repair that we have ever heard.   The purchase price represents a small fraction of what you would have to spend on contracting out repairs.   Even if your MH needs no repairs at the moment you should strongly consider how you will deal with them in the future. With "The Manual" next to your tool box you will be ready!
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  • VIDEO:     "MH Floor Repair Made Easy - Info Kit"   from Aberdeen Repair,
    This kit includes a 25 minute VHS video about manufactured home floor repair, and a booklet on floor repair. This is not a high-dollar video with actors that wear makeup and every word smoothly rehearsed, the video features a real contractor clearly showing you how to do the job
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    $25.95 for the tape & booklet Mobile Home Owners Book Store

  • VIDEO:     "Painting and Texturing Paneled Walls" "   from Aberdeen Repair,
    By following the steps in this 20 minute video, your paneled walls will look darn near like textured sheetrock. Works on both wood paneling and vinyl-covered paneling or sheetrock.
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